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Great Domesday Book Surrey

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Image library reference: E 31/2/1 f30v
Title: Great Domesday Book Surrey
Date: 1086-1087
Catalogue context: Great Domesday: Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hants, Berks, Wilts, Dors, Som, Devon, Corn, Midd, Herts, Bucks, Oxon, Glos, Worcs, Heref, Cambs
Creator: Exchequer, and its related bodies, with those of the Office of First Fruits and Tenths, and the Court of Augmentations
Size: 1.13MB; 1717 x 2440 pixels; 145 x 207 mm (print at 300 DPI); 454 x 646 mm (screen at 96 DPI);
Categories: Manuscripts  
Keywords: Taxation; Domesday Book; Landed estates   
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